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Funny that... [12 Jul 2007|11:04pm]
[ mood | content ]

So, what have I been doing with myself?

- Ended an era
- Woke up next to my self
- Joined a revolution... you can read the Manifesto of Sorts here. Feel free to peruse the rest of the site as well, it is Ace, mate.
- Planned a temporary move to Florida to work as Costume Designer/Makeup Artist (amongst other things) on Novice, coming summer 2008.

Oh, 2007, only half done and you've already turned me upside down.

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Balls not Pussies [03 Jun 2007|03:09am]
Hey, how you all doing? Fine? Fantastic.

Look. I'm hopefully just going to say this once. You've got a problem with me, you bring it up to my face (literally or figuratively... my online face works too). I am a low bullshit tolerance zone, and an exceptionally reasonable and understanding person. If you don't like me because of who I am that's fine, not my problem but let's keep it amicable. If we have a problem because of something I did then don't pussyfoot around the fucking subject. Grow some balls and fucking give it to me. I live my life as honestly as possible and I am no wilting lily. Now I'm not saying you have to be claws out on me on the first go, but really I'm probably the nicest bitch in the world. I mean shit, I know I have issues but I own those suckers and take full responsibility for them. Don't try to pin yours on me... I've got my hands full thank you very much.

So just remember, if you decide that disrespecting me is your best course of action, you better have a damn good reason to back it up because quite frankly I do not have the patience (or, really I guess attention span) for meaningless drama. Thank you

On that note... me and people... we have a love hate relationship. I love how hateful humans can be, fun fun!
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COME SEE MEEEE! [15 May 2007|11:07pm]

The Red Hots Present:
Big Bad Beautiful Burlesque at the Beach

When: May 18 2007
Where: Sideshows by the Seashore 1208 Surf Ave, Coney Island, NYC
Time: 10pm Show
Price: $15 regular

more infoCollapse )
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From [15 May 2007|08:00pm]

Originally uploaded by flickrnumi.
Look... it's true, don't deny it. taken from
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Documentation - Information [25 Apr 2007|11:35am]
[ mood | calm ]

So... I'm leaving for Thailand this Friday. I wish I could say for vacation or some lighter occasion then a funeral. The funeral of a man I knew only as a child but who I maintained such affection and respect for growing up, my Uncle Kusol.

I return May 10th only to attend the funeral of another great man, my Uncle Byron. Another who I respected and loved greatly.

Two of my favorite Uncles... c'est la vie.

Atleast I get to witness a real Buddhist funeral service. I feel like I should create a photoseries out of these two events. Like a catalogue of mourning from two continents or something. We'll see what I can do...

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shootin' blank space [20 Apr 2007|01:14am]

been back in the States since Sunday but still in denial...

Oh! Also lost my phone in Germany so... don't try to call me...

drop me a line with your number though, that'd be appreciated. Comments screened for privacy, normally I'm against such things but in this case it's not about censorship.
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The Horrors are faboooo [11 Apr 2007|03:55pm]

Peter and I are having a quiet night in so I thought I'd hop on and do a quick post, just a few pictures to whet your appetites (sort of...)

(ok, maybe not)

CLICK IT!Collapse )
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Self portrait project [23 Mar 2007|08:30pm]

Eat CakeCollapse )
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[17 Mar 2007|03:31pm]
I am addicted to Ninja Warrior (or Sasuke if you're in Japan... but you probably aren't, so that's Ninja Warrior to YOU, pal). Thank you G4 network... thank you.
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[17 Mar 2007|01:32am]
My trip to Amsterdam (with side trip to Germany for Fetish Evolution) is just 3 weeks away! My tummy is happy fluttery... my tummy is always happy fluttery when I take trips abroad.

On another note, I don't know if it's this new fancy LJ interface or just that I am now working primarily from a MAC as opposed to a PC these days but I can't seem to get images to show up in my posts 100% of the time. It's strange. For instance the images in my previous post are now showing up as blue boxes for me (and I really can't tell if anyone else can see them) and they were a bitch to show up in the first place. It's not as if I used a different html code... hell I even tried using LJ's built in "insert image" option... oh well. It's a shame since I was hoping to start posting new pictures.

Also, I should start doing burlesque again.
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I gotta make with the pee pee... [14 Mar 2007|11:10pm]
You guys haven't been subjected to my oogly mug in awhile and I figured some of you might be interested in what form my hair is in at the moment...

I think it's funny how everytime I get around to taking a picture of my hair to update people... I just end up changing it again the next day at work. Oh well... It's still blue-green (it fades to a really neat green too) but the cut I just got makes me look like Major Kusanagi (of Ghost in the Shell fame). Gimme a pseudo body-armor swimsuit and a gun and we're set.

I don't really like this one... but it's less desaturated (more saturated?) so you can see my hair color a weee bit better.

Faaaaaaascinating dahlink... faaaaaascinating...

not really.

not at all.
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Blackout, and not the fun kind... [26 Feb 2007|11:28pm]
Being the live-in superintendent of an apartment building must suck monkey balls. Especially if you have to deal with me every other week. Hey, it's their fault for not allowing me easy access to our circuit breaker so's I can fix it myself whenever our power goes out... WHICH, oddly enough... only seems to happen when nobody's home. I wake up, everythings fine and dandy, I do my thing, turn off everything that's turned on before I leave, lock the door... come home from work... OOPS! No power. Eh? Who's been sucking on our energy whilst I'm away?

Anyway I always feel bad knocking on their door. They're very nice. I'm just a girl that needs copious amounts of electricity in my life, apparently. Shocking.

On the other hand, I wonder how long I can steal power from the hallway outlet (THANK YOU Peter and your stolen New York Film Academy extension cords... they're just like normal ones... only better! Because they're stolen...) Also, there's something oddly alluring about the "Ghetto Kino" (also, thanks to Peter) that I'm using for temp. lighting. I feel like I'm in a Puff Daddy video...


Researching various crash diets on the internet makes me hungry *goes off to find cookies*

on that note, I never had a very healthy outlook on diet... or my weight/health, I suppose. I never cared about being healthy, just... visibly thinner. Terrible, huh. But I honestly don't blame the media... and I certainly don't practice what I preach. I could look at a voluptous woman and say, you're beautiful and mean it, then turn around to a mirror and say, blech, fatty mc fats alot. But I suppose that's more my habit of finding power in demeaning myself. Another fascinating story...
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we'll reveal a high society... [24 Feb 2007|12:42am]
[ mood | tired ]

Possibility of me being in the Florida (Orlando) area mid-March. But only very briefly. *sigh* At this rate I'll run out of vacation days before the summer's out.

My friday night...Collapse )

You may or may not know about my undying love for Christian Dior ala John Galliano... but oh is it wonderful. His past couture show perfectly mixed classic 1948/50s Dior with Japanese aesthetics. But now I'm desperate to find the name of this traditional japanese hat. Wide brimmed, flat top... woven... worn by travelling women and monks... There must be SOMEONE that knows... I must find out.

the first an example of Galliano's take on the hat. "New Look" silhouette meets eastern costume.
The second is just a dress I love... and am commissioning a latex variation of...

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Should I Shouldn't I [21 Feb 2007|10:35am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Peter and I will be attending Fetish Evolution in Essen Germany this year (anybody else that wants to attend we'll go splitsy on a room with ya... er, but we have to kind of know you...) and I'm now in a mad dash to try and find a way to help pay off this trip as well as purchase a few fabulous outfits for the event. All of which leads me to...

Pros and Cons of working as a dominatrix in NYC to supplement my day job (should I/shouldn't I)

- Money
- Hilarious Stories
- Gifts/clothing
- Work at night/days off... fairly flexible schedule
- I sometimes think I hate people

- Sneaking suspicion that most craigslist ads are for Pandora's - do not want to work for Pandora's
- I giggle. Giggling is not threatening. Laughing can be threatening. But I gleefully giggle.
- as Peter puts it "You probably don't want to do some of the stuff they want you to" i.e. poop on people... or pee. I mean, I respect everyone's will to wank but I just... can't potty for you, I'm sorry... *giggle* potty.
- I'd probably get bored pretty quickly or run out of things to say/do. How long are sessions generally? If it's more then 2 hours I'd def. get bored.
- I hate people. Plus I try to avoid touching people who I don't know where they've been.


I just need money quick and easy. And fancy fetish clothing. Aw hell, just fancy clothing in general.

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[12 Dec 2006|11:21pm]
The meanings behind me and my siblings thai names (in chronological order, with my sister being first):

Kamla = Golden or Precious
Klaprachan = Big Bellied King (or Ruler)
Jatuphon = Warrior of the Four Corners
Narongrit = Little Strong King
Panitta = Gift from God

I like it. Also if you combine the meanings of my first/Philippino name (Numidas) with my middle/Thai name (Panitta) I'm basically a Gift of Light from God... kind of like God's fireball. Or Flashlight.
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[16 Nov 2006|04:32pm]
[ mood | CRUSHED!!! ]

DOJO'S on St. Mark's is CLOSED!


...for 62 Health Code Violations or something...


Of course this happened in October and NOBODY TOLD ME!

Peter's going to be a sad sad boy when he comes in December (16 till January 28th, yay!) *pout*

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Diego Garcia is my arch-nemesis [10 Nov 2006|03:37am]
Diego Garcia is a Jerk. Sure he had more cocaine in him then Bolivia the night he took credit for MY TSHIRT, but that gives him absolutely no excuse to go on making good music. It's just plain rude. Elefant should've overdosed on their own hype long ago but nooooo, they had to be actually talented. My only condolence is that I'm sure Diego was too busy being the son of an argentinian diplomat and banging entire model agencies to actually make it to any band meetings. The entire album was written by Jeff the bassist. Yes. Yes that is exactly what happened.

I should've made the t-shirt using Jeff's face (or maybe his hands?) instead. HE was a gentleman. Bassists are better human beings. Always.

Oh, by the way, today I bought Guitar Hero II on a whim. And yes, I do feel a little like a rockstar. A sad, sad, fake rockstar.
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Teehee [24 Oct 2006|11:09pm]
Nidia Medina and I hung out today. We ate thai, called the dutchman (otherwise known as Peter) and made fun of him on his birthday, and then I made her write me a 3 chord song of awe and might. It went a little something like this:

Numidas, I love your asian eyes,

And by that I mean Filipino-with-a-little-dash-of-Thai

Oh I called my doctor just to say

Dont take my Yellow Fever away!

Maybe one day I will find a way to get the damn song off my stupid phone and onto the computer...

Anyway, she is a music-writing genius... and I think everyone should comment here and tell her she needs to finish Zompacolypse?: The Musical. Because musicals about zombies are always fine fine things.


So Nidia recorded the song for me, and tis here but it's really very quiet... so bust out those headphones and you'll hear it...
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[19 Oct 2006|09:43pm]
first things first... Have you seen this new text posting LJ feature? How desperate do you have to be to fucking text in an LJ entry? Plus, I don't know about you kids but it takes me 5 minutes just to write a message that looks akin to "Hey. sounds good. will be there." I couldn't possibly imagine how I'd convey anything worthwhile without getting bored and giving up first.

Anyway I was going to post a little musing over the awkwardness of adults around inappropriate behaviour in children, complete with personal small-time child molestation anecdote but the moment just passed. Fuck you LJ Text Posting. (You see! Bored and giving up...)
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Final Fantasy XII Potion CM [16 Oct 2006|11:37pm]

I bet it tastes like ass...
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